All our bitches are from the best combination of English, American, Australian, New Zealand and South African lines. In a country where Corgis are a numerically small breed, it is necessary to import lines from other countries to improve the small gene pool. In recent years, we have imported three bitches from top kennels in the UK. One bitch especially, Ch. Salvenik Safaribound of Highleigh, has done us proud, winning Dam of the Year - 2004 and 2005.

Meet our girls
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Ch. Highleigh Ringside Gossip
Ch. Salvenik Safaribound of Highleigh (Imp. UK)
Ch. Highleigh Whata Kerfuffle
Ch. Highleigh Cover Girl
Ch. Highleigh Whatatwaytotango at Fiddlewoods
Ch. Chaveraine Singin'n Larain of Highleigh
Highleigh Chatterbox
Ch. Aberlee Happy Talk of Highleigh (Imp. Aus)

Ch. Izinga Lilabeth of Highleigh